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From the Japanese tradition of rolling up the mattress come up the idea of giving a very comfortable and handy bed for our friends with a modern and useful design. Easy to move and space saving as can be stored easily than regular beds, you can also easily take it with you where ever you go (in the car, to the country house…) and you can easily wash it as the Cotton cover is detachable.




HOG DogFuton is a handcrafted product made in Italy with a particular attention of the high quality of the materials.

As a real Japanese futon the interior padding is made up of compressed layers of polyester, that are then tufted in place to keep all the batting secure and insure a long lasting product. The liner is made of cotton. You can choose your favorite cover from our large range of colors made of strong Panama Cotton 100%. The closure is a high quality zipper reinforced by leather inserts on the extremity.


futon cuccia per cani arrotolabile e sfoderabile




The HOG DogFuton is made up of a detachable cover and of a mattress. Four different standard size are available and the thickness depend on the size (from 10 to 15 cm). The detachable cover, made with Panama Cotton 100%, can be easily wash in the washing machine at 30° while the mattress can be washed in the washing machine or dry cleaning.



SMALL   45 x 60 cm   

MEDIA  60 x 80 cm  

LARGE  70 x 100 cm 

X-LARGE  80 x 120 cm



bicolor  BLUE CHINA / GREY



bicolor   SAND / AVIO

bicolor   RED / BEIGE

bicolor   BORDEAUX / SAND

bicolor   LIME / BLUE

NEW 2018 Pastel Colors

NEW 2018 Jungle / Lime


Those bicolor combinations have been studied to suit many home’s interior design styles, but you can make your own cover by matching your favorites colors with an extra 10 euro.


SMALL   45 x 60 cm  

MEDIA  60 x 80 cm  

LARGE  70 x 100 cm

X-LARGE  80 x 120 cm 

You can buy any cover you like to add to your futon. By request, we can make any size you need. 


From the HOG family’s design a very handy poop dispenser closed by a zipper. Can be attached to the lead or to your handbag by an elegant chrome plated carpenter. Useful and elegant is made from Canvas Cotton 100%.

The size is 10 x 10 cm and it’s available in all the DogFuton’s colors

futon cuccia per cani sfoderabile
futon cuccia per cani arrotolabile e sfoderabile
portasacchettini per raccogliere le deiezioni del cane poobag
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